Promise Ring

Promise Ring
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Product Description

This delightful quilt is the perfect gift for a happy couple who has promised their love to each other! Similar to a wedding ring, this quilt features rings made with the Grande Leaves Galore template. Fusible appliqué speeds up the process, while traditional appliqué can be done for an heirloom quilt! Three sizes including wall quilt (28" square) as well as lap/crib and queen size.

Cut flowers and Leaves with the Petite Leaves Galore template and a 28 mm rotary cutter.

Another great use for your Quilter's Chalk Line.

Booklet style pattern

Wall quilt, lap/crib, and queen sizes

Petite and Grande LG templates can be used, but not required

Quilter's Chalk Line can be used but not required.

Fusible or traditional appliqué